When I first started in agency life, I knew the basics of digital marketing. Victor not only showed me how programmatic works, but many more channels and strategies within digital. Highly Recommended!

Carlos C.

I’ve learned so much from Victor’s courses. For anyone who wants to improve their understanding of programmatic buying, I highly recommend checking them out.

Mashy M.

I’ve worked on many projects with Victor over the years, but he has really outdone himself with Programmatic Academy. Straight to the point and content rich. Well done Vic!

Chris D.

Learn Programmatic Buying

Our courses and lessons are designed with a direct approach to learning programmatic, from strategy to implementation, we show you how programmatic buying works.

Get Access to Experts

Digital marketing and programmatic in particular changes very rapidly, as a member of Programmatic Academy you will have access to expert opinion, advice and more.

Advance Your Career

By knowing programmatic, you will be ahead of 95% of all digital marketers who are still doing things the old way. With our help, you will get the recognition, promotion and pay you deserve.

Some of the Lessons We Cover

Programmatic Formats

Programmatic Formats

Performance strategy

Performance Strategy

All About Data

Programmatic ecosystem

Programmatic Ecosystem

programmatic branding

Programmatic For Branding

programmatic performance

Programmatic for Performance



private deals

Private Deals

strategy details

Strategy Details

targeting details

Targeting Details

programmatic campaign setup

Campaign Setup

creating programmatic strategy

Creating Strategy

Meet Your Instructor

Victor has 14 years of experience in digital marketing, from creating sites to writing ad copy and most recently in the trenches with programmatic buying. His writing has been featured in several industry blogs, he has also appeared in various panels discussing a range of topics. He has millions of dollars worth of programmatic buying experience and he wants to share his knowledge with you.

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Programmatic Academy Course Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know digital marketing in order to do the courses?

We recommend that you have a basic understanding of how online marketing works. For example, how inventory is bought (CPM) what a publisher is (website) what an advertiser is, and conversion rates (sales/visits). Regardless, our courses start right from the basics.

How long is the Programmatic Academy course?

One of the reasons we charge a monthly rate is because every month we upload a new course or lesson. Currently there are 5 courses and 15 lessons which could be done in about 5 hours altogether.

Can I Actually Use the Information in The Real World?

Yes, we want our students to leave with a sense of confidence where they can go and start managing campaigns or feel comfortable enough to talk about programmatic.

What do I get for enrolling in the Programmatic Academy?

As long as you are a member, you get unlimited access to the courses, lessons, downloads, and most importantly access to ask any question you want and get an answer. We will even answer your real life campaign questions-it’s like having your very own mentor on call.

Will my company pay for this training?

We provide invoices every month if you need them in order to be expensed. If you are in a digital agency and you are not doing programmatic, then I would highly encourage you to get your company on board.

When does the course start? When does it end?

Programmatic Academy is completely self paced – as soon as you sign up you will be redirected to a short video showing you how to use the platform and from there you can start and take as long as you need on each course and lesson.

Can I learn this stuff without your academy?

Yes of course, you can go out and test campaigns, test different platforms, read every blog out there, create your plans and strategies, and look for a mentor for those times that you have questions but can’t get the answer to. Or you can signup here and get all those things.

I heard you have a lot of connections in the programmatic world, can you help me get in touch with XY or Z?

I do have a lot of relationships that have been cultivated throughout the years, I’ve helped various people connect when I think it is beneficial for both parties. For example, I’ve helped buyers connect with a DSP in order to get signed up and I have helped publishers connect with SSP’s to help their site sell more inventory. Not to mention I have helped perfect strangers get interviews and even review their resumes.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee! No questions asked.

Here’s What You Get With Access to the Courses

  • Self paced courses and lessons
  • Easy to follow videos
  • MP3 version of lessons to listen on the go
  • Quiz after each lesson to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion after each course
  • Templates to help you plan and launch campaigns
  • Sample strategy you can use
  • A new course or lesson on a different topic every month
  • Ask any question, get non-judgemental answers
  • Independent information (we tell you the good and bad)
  • Access to private group on Facebook
  • Learn about various platforms
lesson example

Get Programmatic Academy Course Certificate



Get a certificate of completion per course. After all the lessons on a course are successfully completed a certificate of completion is issued with your name and a unique ID number identifying it as belonging to you.

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