The Story Behind Programmatic Academy

Victor BioThe year was 2003 and I was almost done with university, I had started later in life because immediately after high school I went into the Army where I served for four years and was discharged honorably. My major was information technology and to be honest I really sucked at it. I simply wanted to be done with school, I was working full time and married by now so my time was in short supply.

Despite all this I pushed on with IT, so I decided to try my hand at consulting. I built a website and waited for the customers to come rushing in.


Up to this point nobody had told me that you actually needed to market your website in order to gain new clients.

My IT consulting career was very short-lived, however, in the process I found that I really loved making websites. I decided to change course from IT and focus instead on web development and marketing. This seemed to be a better fit for me but still, I don’t have the greatest creative skill set and at the time WordPress was barely a blip on the screen so most all websites I created for clients and myself were pure HTML and CSS.

Soon I realized you could make money with websites by placing ads on them. I started learning about SEO and copywriting to get more users to my sites and to convert them once they were there (get them to click). I believe I made 0.14 on my first click from Adsense. Anyway, that was enough for me to see the possibilities of scale and magnitude with digital marketing.

I then stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing- basically earning a revenue share for promoting other peoples products and services. This was the real game changer because now I was using paid media to drive traffic and the immediate results were mindblowing sometimes. At the time I became very proficient with Google Display Network (Formerly called Google Content Network). I was also successful with Facebook ads in the early days- almost anything went because the guidelines weren’t enforced as they are now.

Around mid 2009 Google started a widespread ban of anyone promoting affiliate offers on their content network and I was one of those that was shutdown. I weighed my options of trying to get around it by various ways and I’m sure I could have but by then I was tired of the feast or famine nature of Affiliate Marketing.

Something else happened in 2009, I had my second child, a son. So with my wife not working, my business on life support, and the economy in shambles I went out and looked for clients once again.

In May of 2010 I got messaged on Linkedin by the Managing Director of Havas Digital in Miami asking me to come in for an interview, the role was for performance marketer.

I joined Havas Media, a global agency, as the 2nd employee in their brand new digital department (in this office). My strong performance marketing background helped me move up quickly once I was there.

In 2012 I was asked to launch the trade desk for the agency. For the first year I did everything myself, it is truly the best way to learn especially if you are leading a team. As the team grew my focus turned more to training and mentoring.

Eventually I led all the digital units-social, mobile, performance, and programmatic but programmatic was still a huge focus for training new talent.

Doing this day in and day out I saw a real need for teaching programmatic buying and doing it in an easy and efficient way.

I was being asked not only by my colleagues to teach them, but by people online that happen upon me through linkedin, reddit, and other places. This is why I created Programmatic Academy, to help companies and individuals gain a working knowledge of programmatic buying that they can then go back and use at their companies or in a new opportunity.

Since launching this site I have since left Havas Media after almost eight years and am currently focusing on Programmatic Academy and working directly with clients.


Programmatic Academy was started as a way to teach up and coming digital marketers how programmatic works and do it in a supportive and non-judgemental way.

The digital marketing landscape is changing dramatically everyday. The concepts and tactics you learned years ago, may no longer apply.

By knowing the concepts and strategies behind programmatic, you will be ahead of 95% of digital marketers who are still doing things the old way. Programmatic will soon drive most of the online media buying landscape-you need to be prepared.

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About Programmatic Academy

Vision For Programmatic Academy

Programmatic Academy seeks to help each and every student have a working knowledge of programmatic marketing with an emphasis on programmatic buying.

The goal of this site is that you will be able to confidently put programmatic on your resume or in your job description.

In addition to confidently talk about programmatic above a basic level, you will have the knowledge to start trading or setup a team to trade.

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Programmatic academy vision


We provide self paced video tutorials, pre-made PPT proposals, and many other tools you can use to get a step ahead in programmatic.

The platform has video tutorials ranging from history of programmatic to how to setup a campaign.

We also provide pre-made powerpoint slides to help you in pitches or proposals, reporting templates, and other documents such as checklists to help make your job easier.

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Support and Help

Get your questions answered about the tutorials or programmatic in general.

Even after watching the tutorials and going through the tests you may still have questions, we answer any questions you may have without judging or belittling. Imagine having your very own mentor, that is what we strive to be.

We can also help you with any digital marketing questions you may have that is within our scope of knowledge e.g. SEM, SEO, Social Media and more -but we ask that you keep those questions for the private facebook group.

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