Programmatic Academy is Live!

We are happy to announce that Programmatic Academy is live! Since I began in programmatic media, one thing has always bugged me-why is it that the only training and learning options for this channel come from vendors? Don’t get me wrong, many vendors provide excellent training, but it is usually limited to their product and rightly so. I set out to create an independent platform that provided easy to understand tutorials from basic to advanced programmatic marketing.

Programmatic Academy works by offering courses and lessons in a variety of subjects, all ranging from basic to advanced. Every month there is a new course that opens up. Many courses involve lessons, but sometimes we will offer a walk-through of various DSP’s for example.

Programmatic Academy is self paced, there are no timers and you can complete it as fast as you want or take your time and really learn the material. Each lesson usually has a video presentation followed by a quiz. There is also additional material that can be downloaded such as MP3’s for listening later, sample programmatic strategy presentations, campaign launch checklists and more.

Here is what you will see once you start taking the courses.

Join now! See which plan is right for you.


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