Tagging and pixels for a programmatic campaign

Successful campaigns begin with successful tracking. Successful tracking begins with tagging. Let’s develop a comprehensive tagging strategy for your site. First, decide if you are going to use ad serving. To give a quick background on adserving, it was initially created to serve as an independent 3rd party source that would measure campaign metrics. Advertisers […]

3 Programmatic Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

In January of 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded after 73 seconds into its historic launch where teacher Christa McAuliffe would have been the first teacher in space. An investigation would reveal that a tiny O-ring was responsible for the disaster. A tiny detail that could have saved several lives. Luckily and as I always […]

RTB Advertising – How Real Time Bidding Works

A centerpiece of programmatic is RTB or real-time bidding. RTB advertising is often confused with programmatic and vice versa. The truth is that RTB is one part of programmatic, albeit a really important one. Here is how to think about it; All RTB is programmatic but not all programmatic is RTB. RTB is used as […]

How 3rd Party Data is Collected

One of the things you will come across at some point in your programmatic buying career is 3rd party data. 3rd party data is data that you buy, include in your campaign, and test in order to reach your campaign goals. 3rd party data is any data you use that isn’t your own. Many people […]

Programmatic Advertising and How It Came To Be

Programmatic advertising evolved because of the need to reach specific audiences intelligently and at an effective cost. Before we dive into the origins of programmatic first let me share a basic best practice of marketing – targeting. Correct targeting is one of the most important things you can do in any marketing or advertising campaign. […]

What Does Programmatic Buying Mean?

Programmatic buying has taken the spotlight for years now in marketing circles, especially digital marketing. But many are still confused by what “buying programmatically” means. The word in itself means to do things in a systematic way. However, in the context of digital marketing it simply means to use technology that intelligently seeks and buys […]

Programmatic vs RTB

Ok, let’s clear one thing up. These two things are not the same. Yes, I know they are often used in the same context but to those that are new to programmatic all this sounds like jibbersish and soon you’re like Erlich Bachman from the show Silicon Valley     Here’s how to think about […]

From PPC to Programmatic- Differences and Similarities

Programmatic marketing has seen an incredible rise in terms of buzz and real dollars spent in the last few years. If you are reading this, then you are already aware how important programmatic is to the future of digital marketing. Emarketer, the leading research site on all things digital claims that by 2018 programmatic will […]

Programmatic Academy is Live!

We are happy to announce that Programmatic Academy is live! Since I began in programmatic media, one thing has always bugged me-why is it that the only training and learning options for this channel come from vendors? Don’t get me wrong, many vendors provide excellent training, but it is usually limited to their product and […]